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20th June 2015: Temple Ensemble (Royal Academy) with guest singers from the Royal College of Music

An evening of the highest standard of musicianship, with fabulous performances from nine brilliant young performers.  An evening too that included some quite unusual repertoire, taking advantage of the various combinations possible with string quartet, piano, clarinet and voice.


How could I single out any single player? - so I'll have to mention them all.  The quartet (Matthew Chambers, Sophie Belinfante, Lydia Abell and Amy Goodwin) all performed wonderfully, with a lusciousness of sound that was shown off to great effect in Dvorak's American Quartet.  Rounding out the Temple Ensemble, pianist Daniel Espie also accompanied the various soloists impeccably, while clarinetist Poppy Bedoe played the most beautiful long melodic lines in pieces including Brahms' Gestillte Sehnsucht.  


The singers - all from the Royal College - delighted the audience.  Thomas Scott-Cowell's countertenor was nothing less than astonishing, while sopranos Fiona Haynes and Sarah Lenney sparkled in Mozart's Sull'aria, to the great delight of the audience.   Among the less common pieces, Poppy and Lydia joined Daniel to play Schumann's late Maerchenerzaehlungen, and Prokofiev's  Overture on Hebrew Themes, with which the concert opened, was a real joy with its kletzmer-style clarinet part.  


Huge thanks then to all the performers, and especially to Fiona Haynes for arranging this very special visit.

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