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Robin Ward and the triple harp, 12th May 2013

Robin Ward's recital gave us the triple pleasure of hearing not just one but three harps, all made by Robin himself.  The picture on the left shows him playing his speciality, the triple harp (so named as it has three banks of strings but no pedals).  But at times he switched also to the lever harp and to a metal-stringed instrument, explaining the features of each and demonstrating their varying sounds.


As a fan of Spanish music, I much enjoyed Robin's "borrowing" of guitar and piano works by Tarrega and Albeniz, but there was plenty too for lovers of earlier periods, including arrangements of John Dowland, and of course for connoisseurs of "real" harp music by Turlough O'Carolan and others.  The name Sophia Corri (or Sophia Dussek) was a new one to me, and there cannot have been many Italian-Scottish women harpists in any period, but Robin's combination of three movements by her into a "Sonata Bastarda" was a delight.  As was the whole afternoon, including the interval cakes - so many thanks to Robin, our audience, and of course the cooks!

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