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"Dudley", 16th March 2019

Chris Ingham (piano), Paul Higgs (tpt),

Marianne Windham (bass), George Double (drums)

A real feel-good evening!


Our audience always enjoys having performers talk to them about the music and, after touring the music of Dudley Moore for several years, Chris Ingham was a mine of information and anecdotes.  He also asked some very pertinent questions about why Dudley Moore's music isn't better known.


And of course, when it came to that, the music spoke for itself.  Starting with Dudley Dell, the quartet took us through a really interesting mix of tunes, many of them certainly not familiar to me.  Millionaire, Waterloo (well before Abba got there!), Poova Nova, Bedazzled, Waltz for Suzy and much more.


Chris told us that Dudley always played just with bass and drums, so why add a trumpet?  To be honest, the question seems irrelevant as Paul Higgs' beautiful playing on trumpet and flugel needed no justification.  The gig remained 'piano led' in the main, underpinned by Marianne Windham's precise and attentive bass playing and Paul was called upon to play a lot of sustained long tones, which he did with immaculate control.  But sometimes, too, he got the chance to cut loose with a solo, as did George Double on the kit - and wow can these guys play!


For me, the highlight was the quartet's performance of Amalgam, a Dudley original, morphing into a high-octane version of Jerome Kern's Yesterdays.  Just fabulous!  After an encore of - what else? - Goodbyee, the audience left with smiles all round.  A terrific evening's entertainment.

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