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A third visit by Chiltern Music Academy

November 11th 2017

A fine case of triumph plucked from the jaws of ... well, if not defeat, exactly, certainly a possible disappointment.  It's a huge pleasure to be able to bring the Chiltern Music Academy to Christ Church but working with young people does have its trials and tribulations, which their own teachers cope with magnificently.  With hindsight, the date for this concert was too close to CMA's gala, and an Albert Hall appearance, and goodness knows what else, which made it hard to pin the groups down.  And then, at the last minute, they lost a rather important performer to illness.  So, an hour and a half before the start time, it was looking like we had little more than half a concert...  Step forward the ever magnificent CMA staff and, a few phone calls later, two brilliant youngsters agreed to front up some solo items which they played superbly and to the delight of our audience.  So very, very, big thanks to Megan and Vivek, for stepping into the breach on zero notice, as well as to all the flutes, recorders, woodwind, clarinets, saxophones and string quartet for their performances, and - of course - the teachers!  We hope CMA will be back in January 2019 so that's one to watch out for!


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"Mrs Jean" gets a special thank you for services to Grade 5 theory teaching!